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Who is Chun-yu, George?


Hi, let's get to know about "George" a little more than just "a young designer."

Back when I was a kid, my family used to run a video renting store. Luckily, I got to watch all the cartoons in the store. At my age of nine, the majority of the Japanese animation, which was also the majority of the kid's session in the store, was playing righteous gigantic robots versus the evil alien empires. I was fascinated by how the scientists in the animations could invent and design such mind-blowing mighty robots, so my dream in my childhood was to become an inventor to create various fancy powerful robots to protect the world. After then,  I have always loved to trace the Japanese robots from manga or created my own super hero characters carrying weapons and gears, which were of course created by myself, too. I guessed this was where “ George the artist and designer” originated. 

_George Lee, 12_09_2011



Spark Award - Gold Winner

Spark Award - Gold Winner

Spark Award - Finalist

Spark Award - Finalist